Email Marketing – Avoid Getting Left in the Spam Folder

With all the different kinds of ways you can market your product or service, one of the best ways to do this is through good old fashioned email. It’s a great way to market without spending a ton of money, and keep track of what audience you are targeting towards. But more often than not, most emails are simply waved passed and ignored, ending up in the ever-increasing void that is the internet. With these tips, you’ll find that your customer count will get larger and you will have a much larger subscriber count.

1. Make it easy to subscribe to emails – It may seem tedious, but it pays to have a subscriber form everywhere you possibly can. If you run a blog, post it there. If you run a website, have it at the end of every possible page. If you run social media groups, have referral and signup links everywhere you can. People won’t subscribe if you don’t have an ease of access, and if it’s difficult to sign up, then its obvious that your business won’t be booming with customers.

2. Make easy to unsubscribe – If you make it easy to subscribe, then unsubscribing should be just as easy for clients. If clients decide that they no longer want your services, then don’t make it difficult for them to opt out. It may feel like you’re cutting the conversation short, but if your e-mails are reported as spam simply because a client couldn’t unsubscribe, then it will just spell more issues in the future for your business.

3. Make sure subscribers know what to expect – Whether you run a blog or a business, it is always important for your subscribers to know exactly what to expect. When you gain a subscriber, it may pay off to send a welcome email. This makes sure that they’re aware of what they’re getting themselves into. If you specifically market baby items, then make that clear when people sign up. Customers won’t subscribe if they are constantly sent the same stuff over and over again, so be sure to mix it up now and then, but keep it so that your customers know what they’re signing up for.

4. Make it mobile friendly – This tip should be a given. Statistics show that over 60 percent of emails are dealt with through handheld devices, including smartphones and tablets. If your emails are friendly to these devices, then your customer base has already become much bigger than you anticipated. If your emails aren’t optimized for these kinds of devices, then odds are that you’re going to miss out on a massive number of subscribers, lowering your client count by margins.

5. Encourage customers to reply – Largely unlike old fashioned paper mail, email provides a large opportunity to open a world of meaningful conversations between both parties. This can lead to gaining one more valuable subscriber, and in some cases, business partners. Simply loading up your emails with information and sending them out can sometimes end up being a bit of a bore, so make your emails fun and entertaining to read, most likely securing another person to add to your client list to market toward.

4 Email Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid In Your Business

Email marketing is still one of the most effective forms of marketing a small business can participate in. Think about how many times you check your email during the day. But, if you want your email marketing to work, make sure you're not falling for any one of these critical mistakes.

1. Boring Subject Lines

The subject line is the main element that is going to convince the majority of your subscribers to either open your email or ignore it altogether, so there's no wonder that you need to write an interesting one. However, many businesses fail to craft appealing subject lines, much less test them!

2. Not Split Testing

Split testing is an important tool for figuring out what parts of an email campaign can be improved. When used correctly, you can learn important stats for future campaigns to continuously improve your open rates and engagement. For instance, figuring out which subject line gets the most opens (with name vs. without a name, etc.) can do wonders for your results.

While most services have this feature these days, many people still don't use it, and that's a big mistake.

3. Plain Text Emails

If you aren't including graphics in your emails, you are practically asking for people to click back to their inbox the second they open it. People need big bold headings, clear and concise text, and images that help give context to your message. People are busy and they won't waste time with an email that doesn't instantly grab their attention.

Speaking of which, you only have about 8 seconds to do so once they open your email, so be sure the first few lines really pique their interest. The whole thing should be able to be digested in 30 to 60 seconds or less, with links to more information should they desire it.

4. Not Using Video

Video is the most highly converting form of content on the internet, and with most in-boxes being video ready, you're making a mistake if you are not including it in your email campaigns. When a video cannot be embedded directly into an email, use a gif from the video and link directly to the video to get people to watch it.

Video is a fantastic way to turn readers into buyers, so use it every chance you can to share more information about your products or services than anyone would ever dare read. By doing so, you can increase engagement and improve your conversion rates.